How is it possible to convey the new brand values of Czech car manufacturer ŠKODA in a way they will be read and understood? The best way was to melt them into a calender that serves as a timer and handbook so users have a daily connection with the brand. Each month picks up on one motto, explains the brand value and illustrates it with a wow factor. Honest and serious in regards to the contents, but playfully displayed in the form of informational bites, snacks and meals – within the calender, as quotations, or a whole story. Entertaining elements like motifs for coloring, puzzles, and stickers create a personal experience with the brand. Visually each page is consistent within the layout. The ŠKODA’s brand DNA shows in every part of the diary: in the feel of the cover and in its look. For example does the shape of the foil stamping remind of a traditional Bohemian lead crystal. The brand’s typical green color is reflected in the stitched binding as well as the ribbon which gives it a handmade, individual look.

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