In 2016 Siemens decided to create a completely new Corporate Sound. A big paradigm-shift changed the brand’s outlook from thinking “inside-out” to “outside-in”. The new approach is more focused on people’s needs, mirrored in the brand’s claim “Ingenuity for life”. It shows that Siemens’ technical expertise circles around “real” issues – the things that truly matter in life.

A female voice in the music and sound logo demonstrates this new thinking and conveys proximity to the customers. The engineering, ”ingenuity“ aspect shows in Siemens’ constant search for new solutions to match clients‘ needs. It is translated into sound with restless piano themes, progressive sounds and driving rhythms. 

To connect ingenuity and life, a gradient between real and synthesized sounds became a central element of the new Brand Sound – just as the “dynamic petrol“ color gradient is the prominent element of Siemens’ visual appearance.

The whole story and the sound gradient are packed into the 2.5 seconds long sound logo where the voice starts synthesized and turns more and more into the natural voice.

The process was accompanied by global market testings before it was first introduced.

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