The appearance of the site is a square, in fact, it implies the delicacy of modern technology construction, five parallel columns of the splicing window deliberately opens the mysterious package of the building to lure visitors’ spying desire, under the very exquisite situational light, the mixing of indistinct shaking shadows and lights inside the building is very attractive, and the he patio design with surrounded buildings gives a carefree feeling of hiding in a city.

In the main dining room space, it introduces the rustic favor of old Japanese-style houses, the whole black roof, there hangs strings of huge wooden barrels, creating a great momentum tension in the space, between the transformation, those have stimulate the fun of civilization blending.

The scene design for the guest area on the second floor, between the parallel column of guest seats, there are Taiko array interspersed which makes people feel about the warm-hearted ceremony in the summer, thick circular plate stacks on the wall, and the grid shaped screen which like musical notes bouncing up and down and so on, they all trying to partition the properties of space and define concrete things with small images.

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