This book addresses the emergence, sensation and effect of acoustics / music as well as its visual interpretation. The goal was to resolve music into its structural components and to examine it visually. This book offers the chance to consider music from a different point of view and in a visually new form. Apart from the experiments in visualising music by George Gershwin, the composition Rhapsody in Blue was resolved into its structural components and visually examined. The musical piece was analysed, graphically translated and made visual by this interactive-usable book. For the observer it is possible to trace the musical piece bar by bar and to get information on the composition. By means of a QR code and the minute information the observer gets the audiovisual added value. The basis of the graphics are formed by staves. These were generated by processing (Java) an audio-exported xml file of the composition. These lines were modified according to parameters such as dynamics, rhythm and dramatic theory. As intended by the composer, the observer immerses into the city of New York in the year 1924.

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