Due to the conditions of the building site which is a factory area, the view is not very good which is a handicap that cannot be changed. For that reason I set up a variety of layers, and created a plan to make the surroundings more three dimensional and capture emotions. The conference room and office would have open areas through lobbies and voids. Each office partition would have layers created through green displays, and every floor would have space in between the outside. These were the efforts I made to overcome the handicap. The employee cafeteria is next to the sunken garden where they enjoy the green scenery while they have their meals. Also the garden roof was made for the glasshouse to be set as a resting area as it is the only space where you can enjoy the ‘mountain view.’ It was our job to make a zone drawn with green to express the importance of communication with nature while taking it in. The bricks were specifically chosen for its resistance to seawater and sea breeze, and the durability was emphasized during the stacking process. To add charm to the façade, the bricks were stacked in different patterns.

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