Baseball is the king of sports in Taiwan. Although the majority of attention is paid to professional leagues, more attention needs to be shown to little leagues where children play not for fame or fortune, but for the love of the game.
For this project, we have stepped away from the traditional baseball format to create a game that belongs to the children—a game we have named ReTen. This is a time where children can experience the many benefits of baseball and recapture the lore of Taiwan’s celebrated Kano little league team. Featured are intricate, aboriginal totems from Taiwan’s Ali Mountain—a nod to the history of the area—as well as five innings of skill-based fun, helping transform the game from ‘win-lose’ to ‘win-win.’ Following the game, a notebook will be produced, its cover featuring the images of the day: i.e. clay, baseball bats, turf, and baseballs. ReTen believes that the attitude and spirit of little league baseball is that of life; therefore, accompanying these on-field efforts is the design of fund raising items and the production of a promotional video. The goal is to promote further understanding of Score a Round among people from all walks of life and interests.

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