Schüco is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality window, door and façade systems. For the first time, the existing visual identity was to become an acoustic experience too. For this, a sound needed to be developed that derives directly from the core of the brand, distinguishes Schüco in the market, is catchy and recognisable, and can be used flexibly at a wide range of touchpoints.

The Schüco Corporate Sound came to life on instruments made from the company’s products. We developed the Schüco Phon – a melodic instrument resembling a vibraphone and made from Schüco aluminium profiles that were cut precisely to the required notes. The rhythm instrument is the Schüco Kaskade – a percussion instrument produced from Schüco PVC-U insulating bars that is similar to traditional castanets.

This has produced a rhythmically pronounced motif of five notes which are unmistakeably Schüco. In January 2017, the sound branding was presented as an ambient sound at BAU 2017, the industry’s leading exhibition, in Munich. It was then expanded to include various adaptations – from telephone hold music and ringtones through to the corporate film.

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