Turning the town baker in to a favourite location

The turbulent market dynamics and a changing consumer and shopping behaviour have led the traditional Schmidtmeier bakery from Bochum to reinvent itself.
It has become an inviting location where the tradition of bakery merges with the atmosphere of an industrially-aesthetic market hall. Schmidtmeier takes the principle of an open bakery literally by removing the strict borders between traditional bakery and modern store. To increase the effect, the interior design from product presentation to tables and chairs, to napkin holders, were specifically designed for this purpose. Customers experience the baking craft and uncompromising quality claim in all of its sensuous facets when shopping, eating and drinking. The overall composition in a clear, Scandinavian language of forms of solid oak, high-quality marble and unornamented cement tiles is indicative and convincing on its own: A favourite location in Bochum.

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