The brand of S-ULTRA links the emotions of young fashion designers with fabric scissors of positioning itself as Sharpness, Minimalist style and Specialty as the core value of the brand.
The titanium-plated fabric scissors are available in black, gold and multi-colors for the young fashion designers’ selection based on their suitability. The black scissors give the impression of modernity and mystery. The scissors with golden color are symbolized with nobility and sanctity while the ones with multi-colors reflects glittering and fashion image.
The packaging is available in single packing and gift box packing. Each gift box is with liner paper, information leaflet, and brand image cards. The information leaflet introduces the packaging, the scissors. The 3 brand image cards are Sharpness, Minimalist style and Specialty respectively. The Overall design is also based on minimalist style to reflect the brand positioning with simple lines implying the connection between the brand and consumers brought out by the photography shadows which deliver the realism. Visual design gives a simple and clean look which corresponds to young generation.

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