Shinsegae International has grown into a leading company in the fashion and lifestyle fields by introducing overseas famous brands in to Korea and led the globalization of domestic brands through its own competitive brands.
From this environment, we have built an online commerce platform so that Shinsegae International can provide an experience that evolves the lifestyle of customers in fashion, beauty and living space, not only offline but also online.
S.I.VILLAGE seeks to differentiate itself from the other commerce platform that sells products as a stimulating advertising for buying. Therefore we have set up a strategy to create a PC and mobile channel to buy experiences with products rather than just to buy them.
Not only just a single product, we wanted to provide good quality content that would introduce and recommend the product as well as the lifestyle that covers the product.
PC and mobile channels have been designed for the entire structure and core screen, and the after work has been done by other companies since then.

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