B8 creates stunning workspaces for global enterprises like LEGO, Maersk and EY. The company works with top architects around the world and wanted a new corporate visual identity that reflects the essence of who they are.

B8 was founded in 1914 when two brothers bought an old sawmill and started producing furniture alongside the river Gudenåen in Denmark. Since then, generations of craftsmen have pioneered Danish design and workspaces at the exact same location where it all began.

B8’s field of operation is easy to boil down: Everything within the layout of a building. This simple insight is the big idea behind the new visual identity, which emanates from the company’s own layout.

An edged and spacious shape symbolises everything B8 stands for. The outline tells the story about their field. It tells the story about their story. And it tells the story about the aesthetics and elegance. In this way, the new identity is a tribute to B8’s own workspace and birthplace. But also to the craftsmanship that has shaped the company – which is now expressed in the shape of graphic craftsmanship.

A traditional Times and a modern Helvetica elegantly tie the past and the present.

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