By upholding the core values of “Simplicity”, “Convenience”, “Caring” and “Transparency”, Richart adopts the Agile development model. In average, an updated version is released once every month. To know what customers need, Richart continuously runs user test biweekly, and more than 100 customer requirements have been fulfilled for the betterment.

Nowadays, where the younger generation lacks physical presence in bank branches, Richart took the lead at availing the Citizen Digital Certificates on mobile devices, presenting a full 100% capacity to open an account via an APP, which comes with an integrated overview, fingerprint login encryption, login-free easy access to account and credit card balances, innovative and Google-like intuitive layout for account statement lookup for a humanizing mobile experience.

Apart from the supreme functionality, Richart is engineered to encourage savings for the younger generation by integrating deposit, credit card and investment products. With Richart, the avant-garde and extremely user-friendly digital bank, you will embark on an immediate journey to create savings and kick-start financial plans.

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