In the sign of the butterfly, a CI system has been developed for the Regional Garden Show Würzburg 2018, which embodies change. A prominent jagged W-shaped butterfly has emerged as an ambassador and impetus for green and urban life. Since the garden show is a strategic component of the regional branding of Franconia, the visual DNA of the region remains subtle in the logo. Under the claim “What will we do tomorrow?” the passive “Gartenschauer” is transformed into an active co-designer. The Regional Garden Show Würzburg 2018 poses questions, shows opportunities and invites the people to participate in shaping the future.

Result of the design process is a vivid and dynamic brand identity that perfectly matches the brand. The figurative mark of the Regional Garden Show Würzburg 2018 stands out through its clarity, while also being inviting and fun. Logo and butterfly swarm instantly communicates the main themes of the garden show: change, nature and the power of community.

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