Briefing and challenge was to make, that the target group – architects, room designer, craftsmen – reconsider RESOPAL from producer of surfaces to an unique provider of holistic and visionary room concepts and solutions. We create a concept for a brand story, that only RESOPAL can do, so that no one can copy us, that provides the possibility to integrate the product offer and the segment applications, and that is simple and easy to understand – worldwide. Embedded in the brand name, “RE!” opens up a semantic field, that not only underlines the visionary nature of the brand, but, at the same, provides a rich creative territory to celebrate the brand and its offers with specific interpretations for architecture and Interior Design. The execution adds the modernity, that is inheriting the material, but was missing in communications. It starts a new era for the brand, guiding the way into another 150 successful years by engaging its audiences with a strong, but simple message: REbrand, REvitalize, REload, Redesign, Rethink, REinvent with RESOPAL.

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