Quantum Break is a sci-fi adventure AAA game set in the near future and not-so-distant past. When designing the look of the UI we first asked ourselves why is the design of sci-fi movies and games almost always so outdated and retro compared to the direction design in the real world is heading.

Are we to expect that in the near future most interfaces will use pixel fonts, unnecessary 45° angles, excessive glows and interfaces full of visual clutter that are constantly in perpetual motion?

We believe that most functional interfaces will continue to become more minimal in the next 10 years and wanted the UI to reflect this and include a level of realism to it. The interface design aims for modernism, not futurism.

The interface can be divided into two main categories: the menu system and the HUD. The design of both is uniform with only changes in the palette to guide the user whether he is within the game or not.

Interface is designed for the controller first, but works well with a mouse and keyboard.

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