Digital product designs are becoming more interactive and dynamic than before, and new user interface technologies continue to emerge. However, there is no good tool available for designing dynamics and interactions. Designers are still using static graphic tools or wasting time looking up references that have similar interactions. Modern designers require a new way to shape their interactive design ideas and to share deliverables with collaborators.

ProtoPie is a code-free interaction prototyping tool for digital products. Designers can explore various design solutions with prototypes without the help of engineers. After prototyping, ProtoPie generates a programing reference document for engineers, consisting of parameters and values for movements and interactions. Therefore, designers can reduce communication costs and engineers can implement original interactive designs precisely without any misunderstandings.

Moreover, ProtoPie can utilize smartphone sensors, making it possible to transmit and receive signals among devices. This allows designers to see a big picture of digital products used by multiple users, and to design a complex system across devices such as IoT.

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