The PRINZ VON HESSEN winery in Johannisberg in the Rheingau is among Germany’s outstanding producers of Riesling. We were asked to develop a corporate design including the line of labels for the multi-award-winning winery. Instead of resting on its laurels, the aim was to courageously step forward and conquer international oenophiles as well as satisfy a high class clientele – while still honoring the noble heritage.

In the bipolar areas of tradition and modernism the creative approach was to dare a fresh combination and performance with elements from both worlds. We took one of the House of Hesse’s ancient coat-of-arms, adapting it for a truly contemporary design which intentionally opposes the current trend in wine labeling towards reduction and shows all its facets and opulent beauty which sets completely new standards in the wine market.

The courage paid off, as can be seen from the sharp rise in unit sales, not to mention the strong interest of the food retail market and the media. (Sales climbed over 10 %; seven new distributors in the food retail market; successful expansion of global activities in Finland, Sweden, Poland, China, Russia, Norway).

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