The “Preciosa Flagship Store” is the main store of Preciosa Lighting, a global operating brand for chandeliers and bespoke lighting installations with an almost 300 years history. The new store is located in an old city palais in the center of Prague, which was build in the late 19th century, referring in its style to the typical city palais in Florence. After the bank gave up the ground floor the separating walls and ceilings were removed to achieve the initial open space again and build a generous gallery for chandeliers.

The shop extends across 560 sqm, two levels and four main areas: Atrium, Gallery, Boutique and Lounge.

Besides the daily business the store works as an event venue for Preciosa and friends. Furthermore Preciosa intended to create a space which is honoring the tradition of Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers. Although the region is famous around the world for its crystal, a high standard chandelier store was missing.

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