The global market for classic cars is booming, and models from German manufacturers are especially favored by buyers. Automakers face the enormous task of ensuring their classic car customers around the world are reliably supplied with spare parts and also receive workshop support. Intensifying their communication with these customers is another challenge for car brands. Porsche Classic is responsible for ensuring classic Porsches stay on the road by supplying their owners with the right spare parts.

Hear the words “spare parts catalog” and you automatically think of something boring. The Porsche Classic magalogue proves this doesn’t have to be the case. With an embossed cover made from gray card, and wrapped in brown packaging paper, “ORIGINALS. Teile. Typen. Technik” affectionately mimics the style of an original workshop book. In place of technical photographs of components, the well-known Viennese food photographer Luzia Ellert was commissioned to create photographic interpretations of selected spare parts for the first issue. Highly regarded classic-car journalists researched and wrote the fascinating background stories that feature throughout.

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