POKOLENIE (‘generation’ in Russian) is a non-profit private school with a heavy focus on individual nurturing and development of its students. With no government backing or support, the school relies heavily on the word of mouth in order to reach parents. A new identity would serve as a jumpstart for the school and its methods and allow it to communicate its values and progressive approach more clearly and effectively.

The Identity is born out of the simplest forms: circles, squares, triangles. Much like a child’s toy set, these geometrical shapes are the building blocks to model and explain real life’s most complex phenomena to every student anywhere.

Every element can be reassembled into icons, patterns, images, and stories that might be inserted into a classroom or a book. And the school’s own alphabet allows students to continue using the Identity outside the school and evolve it even further.


The Identity was universally acclaimed by the students and staff.

32% increase in prospective students’ interest, including new applications and interviews with parents.

The adoption of the new identity gave rise to the school board’s plans for a new, larger school building

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