This book is designed for “Wei Guangqing: Plus or Minus Zero”, an individual exhibition of Wei Guangqing. The theme of this exhibition is “Plus and Minus Zero”. There is a 30-year span in terms of the times when different works on display are created.
When designing the folding case for this book, the team of designers found elements in ancient books usually used by artists, divided and rearranged Chinese characters and sentences. This process is a salute and re-creation of art concepts of the artist. Interweaving Chinese characters at random and rearranging them makes these books different from each other in terms of texture, which embodies the reconstruction of the traditional culture and shows that every work is unique.
Grating plates are used in both the front cover and the back cover. We expect to show changes of individual destinies and radical transformations of social conditions in a large virtual space with the help of 3D effects. In addition, we show the painter’s “anti-tradition” thought and match it with the modern culture by highlighting tags that have an obvious modernism style, such as neon lights.

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