The applications of two-dimensional and three-dimensional transformations, as well as Chinese poems are used to produce twenty posters and five hundred cartons by utilizing Standard Kai ti Font, Fangsongti Font, Heiti Font, Baby Font and Yan Zhenqing Calligraphy Font. One of the carton’s face is left blank for fulfilling the idea of “The Important Uses of What Seems Useless”. The participants could use their imagination to generate diverse creations during the design process.

Li Bai’s poems, Chinese characters, fonts and Calligraphy together with the use of space are integrated in the design. The concept of “Creativity, Gaming, Beauty, and Humanity” is also involved in the process in order to achieve the integration of aesthetics, posters, and cartons and create different shaping and possibilities. It is expected that the interactive exhibits could enhance the communication among designers, creations and participants via visual and tangible experience. Finally, the participants could experience and learn the beauty of Chinese poems and aesthetics from the design process.

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