This year’s theme is “Plan A”, revolving around the idea – Start. “A” is an alphabet full of positiveness; meanwhile, “plan” means well-organized and meaningful designs. Therefore, Through image and design of personal work, “Plan A” aims to advance observation and creativity, presenting creative designs. We start the plan, we bring the power of design then.

As a designer, noticing problems and then starting to make a change are our endowed responsibilities in this society. We have to intrepidly step forward to be the first one leading every change. As a result, this project is our first step that we make to achieve the goal. Plan A is not only the conversation between designs and the society, but representing the spirit of our own generation. Being ahead of the rest of alphabets, “A”, filled with positiveness, is where we embark on learning English. Instead of behaving recklessly , we stride forward after thinking and organizing warily. With PLAN A, we are starting the changes.

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