Labels for St. Vital wine – series 2012/2013/2014 are designed to speak out about the importance of understanding Nature. Each one is different, but together, they pass on immediately how different weather conditions create different tastes inside the bottle…

Vintage year is always denoted on the bottles, but how many of us really understand its meaning? It actually witnesses the natural conditions in which the wine matured; it is its own BIOGRAPHY. But with the use of pesticides, the year shown on the bottle has eventually lost its meaning and flavors are becoming unrelated to the actual weather conditions. We decided to rise awareness about the importance of understanding the year indicated on labels and then to compare them. In cooperation with the Meteorological service, the data on weather conditions in the territory of vineyards were collected, and the amount of precipitation shows graphically how much weather actually affects the diversity of nature every year. Circles, as standard meteorological rain symbols, show the amount of rainfall in a particular month. The result are labels that give us the possibility to easily compare the different vintage years.

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