On a small space of only 15 sqm, the fair stand leaves a lasting impression by displaying design expertise in the area of brand communication in spaces. The dominating element is a giant popcorn machine that stretches out towards the visitors of the exhibition hall – an eye catcher that is not only an interpretation of the motto „We’re smashing!“ but also stands for multi-sensory experiences in a constructed space. It became one of the most photographed and shared elements of the EuroShop.

The motto is also translated to a space that virtually „smashes“ you in the eye: maritime pine surfaces to which the designers applied a striking pattern of clashing stripes reminiscent of the returning „Memphis“ style of the 80ies as well as of circus aesthetics. They designed a trend-conscious, brightly colourful world that even provides enough space to withdraw for a conversation or for project presentations – either in the form of haptic experiences made with the displayed exhibits or in the form of digital screen displays.

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