‘Perfume De Petite Etoile’ are six type of roll-on perfumes that express the natural and innocent beauty of youthful children.
Nature Republic combines both nature and an aroma portraying children’s purity into one packaging. There are six different types of packaging and each one has a different fragrance and a vector of a child’s vector: A spirited young girl skipping around leaving traces of vibrant fragrance, a spontaneous girl blowing a sweet cloud-shaped cotton candy, a lovely girl jumping along with clean nature, and more.
The packaging displays an outlined vector of a child. Inside the vector, there is a photo of the roll-on perfume scent’s main ingredient.
The color of the roll-on perfume bottle has been selected by each scent’s main ingredient. All six perfumes have identical rose gold colored cap, which represents nature and child’s feminine character.
Instead of using a full-sized perfume bottle, these roll-ons are designed to be slim and light in order to bring full convenience and portability to the customers.

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