PENGTAI KOREA is a Samsung Group Cheil Worldwide subsidiary, whose Cheil Pengtai headquarters is named the Top 3 Agency in China. PENGTAI is based on a three-process model, “Think, Build, Operate,” which is central to our company objective to fully integrate digital field consulting, branding, and content creation services.

Pengtai Korea’s website takes as its concept the image of a creative and future-oriented digital specialized company to expose the company’s global talent in their various ethnicities and occupational groups and expresses its business philosophy of a desire to grow the company along with its employees through graphic images combining its talented individuals and its rectangular window-shaped brand symbol signifying a window looking out onto the world.

Furthermore, to embody Pengtai’s talented individuals, space and culture utilizing its brand symbol as a window containing information, interaction in which the brand symbol’s shape tranforms into various movements and sizes was used principally in the website’s design.

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