In partnership with fluoro magazine and Pause, HM. was commissioned to conceptualise, design and produce ‘Pause Magazine by fluoro’, a print publication, required to present content to reflect the 2017 Pause edition and its theme ‘Different Perspective’.

fluoro’s design elements, including a symbols suit, grid system, article layout and caption style, were used, with Pause’s html website code. Through innovation in design and technology, an augmented reality experience was presented on the magazine cover. Showcasing the Pause logo, html coding and speaker keynote teasers, the cover brought to life a ‘Different Perspective’. Astrobright Papers®, were selected for the cover to link with Pause’s main keynote speaker, NASA.

5,500 copies were printed and distributed to key design and tech networks, fluoro’s database, and around in key locations around Melbourne, three months prior to the Pause 2017 edition to bolster attendance.

During Pause, the magazine was given to attendees, as added value in the ticket purchase. It also acted as a tangible tool for further immersion by offering attendees a ‘Different Perspective’ to the 2017 edition.

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