Paulaner Zwickl is the newcomer in the beer-specialty-range of the Paulaner Brewery Munich, Germany. It is an unique and innovative product in the German beer market in many respects:
– Bottle decoration: the permanent decoration is very unique in the German beer market and allows maximal differentiation to the competitors.
– Design: A maximally reduced design as a contrast to all the crazily colored craft-beers. Also the consumer can look right through the design to the “actual” product IN the bottle – no hiding behind labels: “you see is what you get”
– Bottle size: Zwickl offers new consumption possibilities with a 0,4l bottle in a market dominated by 0,5l and 0,33l.
– Environmental aspects: The use of just one label reduces waste by 2/3.
– Crate design: based on historic beer crates, the new Paulaner Zwickl crate combines traditional values with modern production requirements: Contrary to the traditional “Euro-crate” it can be packed on standard Euro-palettes and can be stapled with all other standard-beer crates (module-format).
Crate-colour: warm yellow strengthens retro look&feel

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