Design concept: Advocating conciseness, economy and environment-friendly.
The structure design of this box comes from “Chinese horizontal sliding chest” .The chest is welcomed by people for its conciseness and conveniences. Designer applied this structure to the box, and came up with a design based on it.
The are 2 sets box, with creamy white and dark blue in appearance, with pressing texture and soft-touch matte PP lamination. Soft-touch matte film can protect the product and enhance the soft-touching effect. And we use hot silver stamping and hot blue gold stamping in graphic and text.
The design is concise and elegant. It presents even diagonal lines for 60°in surface, standing for eternal faith and persistent persuit.
The box has simple processes which are easy for assembling and transportation. And all of the materials are degradable.
When pulling 2 pieces of covers from opposite directions, it come out mobile phone tray, document box and accessory box.
The tray is made up by pure pulp, and document box and accessory box go with processes like anti-scratch PP lamination and hot stamping. The logo in surface is convenient for packaging assembling and recognition.

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