One of Denmark’s biggest estate managements Nordea Ejendomme needed a visual identity for their new office community “Our Office”. The identity should reflect corporate characteristics, but also communicate community values such as co-working, togetherness, and cross-industry collaboration in an interesting way. But the name “Our Office” was already decided by Nordea beforehand. So our task was to provide “Our Office” with personality and recognisability in a competitive market. The solution came from the overall benefit of engaging in a community: The prospect of creating things together.

That idea manifested itself into a simple, but recognizable, core visual element: the circle – inspired by the organic materials and round elements in the office design, the O’s in “Our Office”, and the dynamic atmosphere of an office community. The familiar circle became a visual anchor, and was formed and rolled out in everything from statements, logo, posters and ads. Combined with community-related words and statements that expressed how a word like “Our” can create new, value-adding words, the result was a full-circle identity that expressed the benefits of being a part of af community.

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