Orders with Fangyuan Story is a book guided by orders, which shows a private fine arts bookstore with 33-year-old history in Xi’an, China. Alternate between the stories about three generations of the operators and the emotional memory of the readers. There are almost 1000 self-portraits of the second operator Mr. Lv and the images of him in the eyes of his classmates, friends and readers.
Based on thread-bound book, the book spine is divided into four parts.976 pictures of Mr. Lv are selected from the orders and official letters during the period of 13 years (from 2002 to2015) contains a section of his mood with his business dealings.
The main body of the book uses folio to show the perspective. Words and pictures complement each other and the visual hierarchy added to the reading.
Use single-color printing to control the cost and add a little four-color printing to adjust the color rhyme of the book.
The moisture-proof paper, which is used in the books logistics transportation, is used for the book cover. Sketch paper is used for the orders in the book. The main body was made of cotton paper and printed in black and white, which can truly reflect the feeling of time.

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