Optik Nill, established in 1961 as a family business, is now one of the very modern sight consulting centres in Germany. Customers enjoy a VIP service and are provided with excellent solutions for seeing better. The outdated logo is being relaunched in 2016.

The idea is to communicate visually that Optik Nill is a competence centre for better sight, clearly distinct from competitors. The values of the brand: quality, authenticity and partnership, will need to be visualized, to create higher awareness of the brand and make it better known.

The idea is based on the word OPTICS, which is part of the brand name. The solution is developed from the science of optics: In the visual representation of objects through lenses, an object point O is represented by a point O’ of the image. Their balanced arrangement is implied by stylized spectacles, to visualize the company’s core competence instantly without words. The Pluto Sans font is timeless and based on geometrical forms. Its circular O quotes the point of the object and its image in visual representation, just as the colours black and white stand as symbols for partnership as the essence of the brand philosophy.

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