ONCE Monthly is a special publication involving in discussing Taiwan’s human rights issues. ONCE means both one time and ever. Whether it is a global concern or a little-known human rights event, ONCE will choose an issue per month to make the public know more about what happened in Taiwan and describe the event with vivid images and detailed captions to make it more interesting. In the visual sense, the contents are presented by silk -screened techniques that enables the Monthly more picturesque. Reading ONCE can not only encourage readers to understand what have happened but also reflect on the issues from the perspective of human rights.

Human right should be a universal value. While, in Taiwan, few people understand the essence of human rights. With each more person getting familiar with human rights, there will be one less bully and add one more protector to the world. We are expecting to advocate the world to respect human rights and form the society oriented at human rights with positive circulations as well as encourage the public to view issues from other angle and reflect on events from the perspective of human rights.

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