The agricultural family business “Olio Cassano” produces high-quality virgin olive oil from Tuscany. The olives are hand picked and processed in late autumn. In order to retain their freshness and quality the olives are cold-pressed and bottled immediately after harvesting.

CC-Design has developed an identity which is simple and exquisite at the same time. A typographical design was chosen with a distinctive focus on the logo “OC” (Olio Cassano). Numerous drafts and designs were created and tested before coming up with a logo that was calm and flowing. The OC logo consists of two superimposed circular elements vertically compressed into ellipses, similar to the basic shape of olives.

The logo is applied directly on to the glass bottle and the cardboard packaging, with the text and information elements included on the sticker and the paper banderole, respectively. The bottle’s minimalist cardboard packaging, specially developed for the purpose, consists of two Microwell cardboard strips affixed by staples on the underside. The paper banderole holds the bottle and cardboard box in place.

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