With the design of »Product Book 2017« Martin et Karczinski summarizes Occhio’s evolution and history from all the products in one medium.

Clearly structured the register presents the brand equities, product series, innovations and inspirations on 160 pages. With the help of those didactics in accordance to »light is evolution«, we are able to make the contents tangible without any complexity for end customers as well as architects and light designers. One size fits all. With specific pointers towards the digital channels of the brand, the viewer is led from the world of print to the universe of digitalization.

We specifically designed to versions of the »Product Book 2017«. The embossed title on the softcover version connects a subtle architectonic form with an outlook on nature, which refers to Occhio’s claim »light is evolution«. For premium customers as well as partners we designed a hardcover version with linen binding, hot-foil embossing, and silver edging.

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