When the former ‘standard products’ business unit of NXP went on as a separate company called Nexperia, the need for a new and strong brand became a key objective. Especially because they wanted to stay the world-class leader in Discretes, Logic and PowerMos in a very competitive environment; where products are commodities and pricing is key.

We started with creating a visual brand DNA based on the brand values. Nexperia is a competent and daring brand. We’ve expressed that by using strong colours, iconic elements and big gestures. Upon this strong basis, we’ve designed a logo, brand identifier and broad range of touch points that portrait what Nexperia excels at: efficiency. The brand identifier creates recognisability across all Nexperia touch points. The hour glass you see in the blank space of the x and the dot symbolize and emphasize the efficiency and precision of Nexperia.

By creating a foundation from strong, fundamental values, we could build a powerful and recognizable brand identity for this newly founded company. Not just any company. But one that employs 11,000 employees worldwide and produces over 85 billion products annually. Right from the start: Nexperia.

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