Neiwan, a small village full of Hakka atmosphere, is surrounded by mountains, and the weather is pleasant. Youluo River runs through this place, and because of its clear water quality, there is a mass propagation of fireflies here. Every year, in the nights during the end of spring and beginning of summer, countless of fireflies dance in the sky; therefore, Neiwan is famous for the drawbridge and firefly watching. The tourist sites such as police station, train station, theater, and old street provoke tourists’ nostalgia.
We picked six tourist sites of Neiwan and combine the sites with their characteristics into posters. Also, we match six titles and slogans matching the sites to enhance the images and add the fun into the sites. In terms of style, we chose the more childlike style and brighter colors.
However, we want to present an image of Neiwan different from before. By turning the illustrations into GIFs, the still landscapes become alive. Other than six GIF posters, there is a map of Neiwan, which is not only a tourists’ guide book; you can scan it with APP to watch the GIFs.

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