Nanjing, with the saying that “the wealth of China comes from the southeast, of which Jinling is the capital” since ancient times, has been one of the four ancient capitals of China. It was the important birthplace of Chinese culture. 9 was taken as the center in the Primordial Eight Trigrams, and 5 was the center of the Posterior Eight Trigrams namely 9 & 5 (Jiuwu).
The originally drawn nine dragon totem is the main performance method, composed of Chinese dragons in different shapes symmetrically, and the dragon heads all face “Nanjing” main brand name, meaning the titles of “the ancient capital of six dynasties” & “the metropolis of ten dynasties”. The basic tote composed of lotus leaves from four sides and tidewater in the rear also often appear in Chinese palaces, meaning congratulation and tribute from all directions. The main color used is the ancient Chinese imperial color, brilliant yellow.
The whole process design is inseparable from Nanjing Brocade, which is a world’s intangible cultural heritage with 1,600 years of history, a Chinese traditional silk process. The precious features of brocade is reflected in the paper as much as possible.

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