Cristobal Balenciaga Museum was created with the aim of keeping alive the memory of the fashion designer and his work, deified in the fashion world in general and haute couture in particular.

Just as his work exhaled innovation, modernity and of course quality design, his digital presence needed to respond to the same values. For this reason, after carrying out a digital strategy consulting, we designed and developed a complete digital channel to respond to the needs detected in a first phase of analysis and conceptualisation.
It is a project that, on the one hand, required considerable design work as the whole website needed to exhale branding and at the same time transmit the beauty of the museum as such as well as the pieces that make up the exhibitions. And on the other hand, design, making what is complex seem simple, in a digital channel with practical information about the museum, the exhibitions and activities, events calendar, registration forms etc.

Design and development are combined in this project with the aim of achieving an experience that meets users’ expectations.

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