This soup brand from Munich was established in 1982 and is located with its own market stall on the famous »Viktualienmarkt« – a daily farmers’ market in central Munich. The same fresh soups – without preservatives and flavour enhancers – are also offered chilled in supermarkets. For the relaunch of those supermarket products we convinced our client to go for a revolutionary design which highlights the benefits of the product and stands out amongst other soups. The main attributes our design is communicating are freshness, handmade pure quality as well as the bavarian tradition straight from the farmers’ market. To tell this story on a sealed cup of soup we named the product »Marktsuppe« (farmers’ market soup). Handmade drawings for vegetables and other design elements invite consumers through their colorfulness and market flair and a matching handscript underlines the natural and pure ingredients. Also the brand’s history and a map showing the stall on »Viktualienmarkt« can be found on the inside of the banderole which can later be removed for a perfectly recycable packaging. The result is a range of seven soups, which provide side by side a really strong impact on the shelf.

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