Robert Moog was an inventor and pioneer in electronic music. The company carrying his name has been inspiring musicians and pushing the boundaries of technology since the 1970’s, creating the market of analogue synthesizers and releasing legendary products such as the Minimoog. Moog’s synthesizers have been widely used ever since by musicians like The Beatles, David Bowie, Prince to modern acts as Deadmau5 and Dr.Dre.

Now if we fast forward to today, the Moog’s analogue synthesizers are back in vogue as many musicians are trying to seek out some of Moog’s iconic synthesizers.

The synthesizer Model 15, which was only manufactured in 150 units and took three whole years of research and design to develop. It contains of 14 handcrafted modules and is designed to focus on speed, creativity and simplicity.

Moog approached North Kingdom with a design challenge to transform this iconic synthesizer into a digital product as an iOS application to make it possible for music makers to create analogue sounding music everywhere.

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