This poster was designed to promote the pre-talk and seminar of Typojanchi 2017: 5th International Typography Biennale.

Typojanchi 2017: The 5th International Typography Biennale is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and jointly organized by the Korea Craft & Design Foundation and the Korean Society of Typography at the Culture Station 284 (Former Seoul Station). The 5th edition of Typojanchi 2017 explores the relationship between typography and meaning within the theme of ‘Mohm, Body & Typoghraphy.’ The meaning of ‘Mohm’ used here is Korean, which has the same meaning as a word ‘Body’ in English.

Also, Alphabet ‘B’ means the word ‘Body’ and ‘T’ means the word ‘Talk’. The font used as the main visual is ‘Wiggle’, a font that expresses body movements. The blue color lines are an abstraction of the presentation and conversation of people invited to the Seminar event. The speech bubble is a visual representation of the artist’s presentation at the seminar.

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