Two booths at EuroShop 2017

Trade show booth, 10x10m island booth for exhibition systems
Trade show booth, 6x6m island booth for light boxes

The basic idea is to show two product groups from the same exhibitor in different halls with a different style of booth, with each exhibit showing the same company (and its products) in a different manner.
The idea behind the 10x10m booth is to show a model on a scale of 1:1.
The trade show booth of the system manufacturer itself becomes the exhibit.
The surface of the rough, untreated chipboard is representative of the booth’s character, which is to serve as a model. The material creates a neutral platform for displaying the exhibits. The walk-in model with various levels becomes a place for potential customers to contemplate possibly using the products.
Graphics and explanations are limited to colored signs which stick to the wall like post-its, giving the booth a monolithic character.
The light box booth plays with the graphical effect of printing light walls. Black on the inside, white on the outside.
The graphical structure is generated by the actual spaces between the original light boxes on the inside of the booth. T

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