Millet is the God-given mutual food of Taiwanese indigenous peoples. We put their culture in and design series of souvenirs.

On the outer packing of millet box, we derive the most representative elements from the 16 tribes in different aspects: their festival, craft, architecture, headdress, ritual, legend, patterns on costume, and records in life. For instance, boat in Tao and Shell Ceremony in Hla’alua. We use threads to present handmade crafts of indigenous peoples. At the inner packing part, it shows the colors on their costume.

For millet cookie, we take simple lines to present three parts of indigenous peoples’ life, such as daily utensils, plants and hunting.

For millet chocolate, we select six millet-relating legends, like Before Lose It and Thanks All, from tribes and present it through the form of postcard.

For millet cake, we use red, white, and black three identification colors with three topics of spoken words, including blessing words, emotional words, and greeting words to convey their languages through Roman alphabets.

Through cultural design, Millet Malahok makes Taiwanese indigenous peoples be identified worldwide.

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