Mostly, Korean women carry an average of 8.6 cosmetics in their handbags, spend 2.6 times a week in the toilet for make-up correction. It is not a long time, but it is necessity. Eventually, we ended up wanting to correct make-up unnoticeably fast and simply after we eat, sweat, and are exposed to sunlight for a long time.
‘Milimage’ is a brand that gives a perfect answer to how users can easily correct make-up with all the essentials in one hand. ‘Beauty Pouch’, Milimage’s practically compact modular product, aims for maximum effect by minimum cosmetics as well as it helps to correct make-up fastest and easiest.
Beauty Pouch consists of three types of components: Base Pouch, Device Pouch and Complete Pouch and they can easily be combined and released repeatedly thanks to the built-in magnets. Each component can be used individually, and can also be used in combination of two, except any one out of three.
Wide product range of each components provide users a variety choice and allows users to configure their own products. Also, the different case colors reflect the characteristics of each product and thus the various case color combinations represent the user’s individuality.

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