Several studies show that the negatives effects of social isolation in America can be related with increased depression, anxiety, stress, and loneliness levels. Meuni is an app with a companion wearable meant to encourage and foster more genuine and spontaneous conversations between people. Users have the ability to input interests and mood, as well as determine how similar or different they want their conversation partner to be from them. While switching between local and global discovery, people browse the map for other Meuni users and are able to send conversation requests. If the other person accepts, the two users are free to begin talking and a connection is formed. In the profile, people can easily choose to be discovered by other users with a simple on/off button. The companion wearable ring tracks the user’s heart rate in order to collect data about the user. This information is analyzed over time so the user is able to receive personalized notifications regarding their stress and anxiety levels. This function could be helpful for those with social anxiety and depression.

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