The problem of the elders living in solitary is rising in Taiwan, accelerated with the numbers of the Dementia. Urbanization and the consequent enlarge the gap of the generations. The situation is forcing them to leave their hometowns and get into the cities for more opportunities. The older generation becomes marginalized by this cruel trend. Besides that, the older generation is portrayed, constantly, as the burden of the society which is treated with only negligence.
This story starts from a lonely young man in the city who received a call from an old lady. The old lady, diagnosed with dementia, mistook the young man as her son. From then on, she kept calling him every day.
We used media from two different times to manifest the connection between the young man and the old lady. The film represented the lost connection with family in both characters. The phone calls brought back the old lady’s most precious memory. “not forgotten, not recollectable.
At last, we want the audience to see this film as the young man, and to look for the kindness the old lady needed.

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