With meiji THE Chocolate, tastes transform from “Bean to Bar.” Cocoa beans are carefully selected to create the perfect bar of chocolate, and each bar reflects an elegant luster, emits a sweet fragrance, and melts sublimely in your mouth.

Using a simple design with the logo, cacao illustrations, and craft paper texture, the foil stamps and colors vary according to cacao flavor. By displaying these designs side by side, we aimed to transform the entire display into a “Bean to Bar” chocolate shop.

The layout was chosen to evoke a page from a Cacao reference book.

For the main illustration, we used abstract patterns to reflect the individual characteristics of the bean used. While the outside of the package remains simple to convey the message clearly, we chose to line the inside of the package with the full pattern to evoke an excited expectation when opening. The individual packets inside use an repeating pattern of the cacao illustration, reinforcing the “chocolate” image.

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