The Media World exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport focuses on the radical changes sweeping the world of media. Thanks to a personalised access concept, the user/visitor changes from passive consumer to active producer. The dynamic exhibition format can be tailored to visitors’ specific interests at the press of a button. Physical worlds and digital applications merge in the exhibition to offer a convergent, immersive, all-embracing experience.

The post-TV generation no longer sits on the sofa for long periods passively soaking in content. TV as a mobile experience is the reality. The Media World experience with its 13 stations has selected opportunities and trends from the global world of media, taken them to the next stage dynamically and offered them back to the visitor as an immersive experience. By also providing a control desk, TV studio and post-production suite – linked to a green screen facility and 360° photo booth – it offers access to up-to-the-minute tools that help visitors not only to consume, but also to become producers – with themselves as protagonists. They move from passive consumer to active producer.

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